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Oriental Gallery

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Asian culture is far more diverse than that of Europe and whilst the era of the Chinese emperors and Sultans has long been swept away, the beauty of their arms and armour is echoed in the Royal Armouries Museum Oriental gallery, which has been preserved in its entirety for an experience which is full of eastern promise.

This gallery is ideal for a drinks reception or a banqueting experience that could include sushi or other oriental dishes for the more discerning diner. You can enjoy pre-dinner drinks in the company of a 16th century armoured Indian elephant and then be led to dinner in the dojo.

The Oriental gallery dojo, surrounded by the treasures of central Asia, Islam, the Indian sub-continent, China, Japan, and South-East Asia, is the ideal setting to feast on the delights of a bespoke menu crafted by our chefs for your most special festive event.

Stirring background music or live sitar performances can be an option to make your night so much more special and then the Wellington Suite waits after dinner for your guests to dance until the early hours before retiring to the on-site hotel.

“The Oriental Gallery was a spectacular setting for our festive dinner, the food was delicious and then we danced the night away in the nearby Wellington Suite – magical”.

Oriental Gallery Capacity Chart


  • Oriental Gallery

  • Location
    Fourth Floor

Floor Area (m²)

  • n/a


  • 30
  • 300


  • 30
  • 100


  • 30
  • 80


  • 30
  • 64


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